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Production of green building systems

Well-being that begins with the structure

Heightened awareness when managing land consumption and greater respect for the environment have become indispensable elements in the modern construction industry, and form the basis for the development of the green building concept: living and building in a healthy way to safeguard and protect the environment.
Since its foundation, MBA GREEN BUILDTM has concentrated on designing and producing building systems for the green building sector; where the structure itself plays a significant role in generating well-being.
Whether it's the house where we live with our children, the office where we spend the day with colleagues or the condominium where we share everyday experiences with our neighbours, the well-being and health of each individual begins with the context in which we live our lives: the structure.

About Us

Smart wood

The real revolution in wood frame constructions is represented by the MBA GREEN BUILDTM Smart Wood panel. This product has achieved the highest quality standards in terms of green building and safety with respect to rival products on the market.
It is produced entirely without the use of particle boards, OSB, plasterboard, silicone glues or formaldehyde. Unique in its kind, the Smart WoodTM panel has been patented by MBA GREEN BUILDTM.

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Level of green building achieved in the product


Security level to the person


Smart technology using wood and minerals


Self-produced energy for the entire production, both in terms of electricity and heating and cooling


Square meters of surface worked each month for the production of walls


The number of pieces processed every day for the production of buildings

To build safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings

For companies and designers in the housing sector

Selection of innovative materials

The world of green building is constantly evolving, with new and innovative materials being proposed on an almost daily basis. Our research team studies and selects raw materials to create new products designed to render our construction systems even safer and more efficient.



MBA systems are compatible with any type of building project

Whenever one thinks of wooden buildings, the word "prefab" comes to mind. At MBA GREEN BUILDTM we have always striven to be the best possible partner for designers. Thus, our role is to transform the architect or engineer's design into high-performance construction systems.

We produce all our own systems

From the production of laminated wood through to the finished wall, all our systems and components are manufactured directly in our 100% Italian production facility. We also use certified supply chains when selecting our raw materials.

Our solutions

Build with MBA

For real estate

We produce high-performance wood construction solutions for companies in the building sector. Our goal is to enable companies to construct safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. We understand the world of the construction market and its needs, which have undergone significant changes over the last 10 years.

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For designers

The designer who opts to use our solutions knows that the building will be produced as designed, down to the last stylistic and design feature.
At MBA GREEN BUILDTM our engineering production processes ensure that the finished building is exactly as conceived by the designer, with the added value of the innovative qualities, in terms of safety and eco-sustainability, that MBA GREEN BUILDTM can offer.

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Eco-sustainable and performing buildings

High performance systems for the construction sector

To construct safe, eco-sustainable, high-performance building it is necessary to design the various features of the structure, starting with the production of each single component. It is not enough to create a "conventional" building and then implement a series measures designed to increase its performance and safety (as is the case when using traditional construction techniques).
The walls and construction systems manufactured by MBA GREEN BUILDTM feature an innovative production chain, the result of years of research into selecting and combining materials.
It all starts in our technical offices, where the architectural project is engineered according to the MBA construction systems, without altering the stylistic aspects in any way. Subsequently, all the building components are manufactured at the 100% Italian production facility in Almenno San Bartolomeo, in the heart of the Lombardy region.

Made with MBA GREEN BUILDTM construction systems

Produced using MBA

Safety in every single component