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About Us
Respect for humans and the environment

Sustainable innovation

Respect for the environment, personal safety and psycho-physical well-being are the core values at MBA GREEN BUILDTM. The use of materials with low environmental impact, the reliability of the structure, and high energy saving, combined with flexible design and perfect construction, contribute significantly to improving the quality of everyday life.
We have chosen ecological awareness and an innovative spirit as the direction to a new construction sector... Because, with MBA GREEN BUILDTM, the future, where the onus is on living well, has already begun.

Our mission is to give companies and designers the opportunity to build safe, efficient, eco-sustainable buildings. To do this, we manufacture wooden construction systems, directly at our technological production facility, guaranteeing the entire production chain. From research through design, to delivery and installation on site, our building systems are fully compatible with any type of architectural project. Our creations are not prefabricated products or mass produced modules, but components that take shape in order to meet the requirements of the project, unique and different every time. We don't produce turnkey buildings, but work together with companies and designers, producing high-performance, 100% green solutions.

Safety in every single component