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Total customisation

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Unique, innovative and sustainable projects

According to conventional wisdom, the green building market is frequently associated with the construction of prefabricated wooden structures, which can be selected by customers from catalogues, or turnkey solutions. MBA GREEN BUILDTM has chosen to adopt an entirely different approach. The designer who opts to use our solutions knows that the building will be produced as designed, down to the last stylistic and design feature. At MBA GREEN BUILDTM our engineering production processes ensure that the finished building is exactly as conceived by the designer, with the added value of the innovative qualities, in terms of safety and eco-sustainability, that MBA GREEN BUILDTM can offer. Last, but not least, is the issue of site management; entrusting the production of the building systems to MBA GREEN BUILDTM means minimising the critical issues that frequently arise in the management of construction work for the designers.

No catalogue, every project is unique

Our team transforms the project supplied by the architect or designer into a building constructed using MBA GREEN BUILDTM systems, maintaining all the original architectural and stylistic features.

Complete engineering

The project is engineered by our team of skilled specialists, using dedicated software applications, and then transferred to the internal production department.

Modified Image Construction
Original Image Engineering
Modified Image Construction
Original Image Engineering
How we turned the walls into finished houses

3D Structural design

One of the most delicate and complex phases of MBA GREEN BUILDTM production is certainly the engineering phase, where the architectural project is "translated" into a construction system. In the design centre, our professionals carry out the 3D structural design of each component, which will then be sent to the production department.
The process, which allows calculating every minimum criticality, prevents the emergence of issues during the construction phase (typical of traditional building), optimising times and, above all, reducing laying costs and final building costs overall.

Safety in every single component