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Industrialized preparation

Maximum optimization of time and costs

Thanks to the level of product industrialisation at MBA GREEN BUILDTM, we are able to carry out various preparatory processes on the panels on the production, so that they are ready for use on-site.
While respecting the executive project, it is possible to create the steps for the various pipes and corrugated items during the production phase. In the case of installations that are to be recessed, the panels are screwed in place in order to permit on-site inspections.
This method of engineering and manufacturing process permits maximum optimisation of time and costs when installing the panels on-site, minimising waste materials; once again, innovation is sustainable.

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Preparation for each system

Electrical system

The panel is pre-installed with an electrical switch holder box to facilitate wiring operations. The box is inserted during assembly in the factory and is positioned in a housing created mechanically on a work station. In this way the box is perfectly seated and, since it is fitted from the inside, remains perfectly encased in the panel.
The 25 mm diameter corrugated cable conduit is held in place by simple retaining systems, which ensure that it remains connected even if subjected to continual stress during the installation of the electrical system. The box used by MBA GREEN BUILDTM is configured so as to reduce the airflow by 95%, which is particularly important during the blower door test.

Safety in every single component