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Magnesite is a natural product containing minerals and water without synthetic products, and is completely free from synthetic products, asbestos, formaldehyde, ammonia, oils, harmful elements or heavy metal salts.
The whole production process takes place at room temperature. The wall panels are resistant to acids (sodium chloride - salt, sodium hypochlorite, atmospheric salt, salt water, products for swimming pools in general, ammonia, saltpetre, bleach, etc.) as well as alkalis and halogens. It is naturally resistant to moulds, bacteria and fungi, repels insects and rodents, is completely odour free, non-radioactive and electrically neutral. It is fully recyclable and reusable.

Good thermal resistance together with the ability to breathe, provide excellent results in the production of both internal and external insulation for homes with low energy impact, with high standards of living quality, bio compatibility and environmental impact.

It is impermeable to water and permeable to steam, absorbs moisture without problems, remaining unchanged on a structural level, and offers all the advantages of breathability, without breaking up when immersed in water. The moisture absorption rate is <18%. The product is not subject to swelling or deformation either in wet or dry environments.

Non-combustible, A1 fire reaction classification. When tested, the material did not produce smoke even when heated to temperatures in excess of 800 °C and was found to be flame resistance at temperatures above 1200 °C.

It possesses excellent resistance to freezing and showed no signs of deterioration after 25 freezing and thawing cycles at temperatures as low as -80 °C.

Despite being very light, it is very resistant to impact, bending, traction, compression and abrasion. Thanks to its excellent mechanical characteristics, it can be shaped as desired and adapted to a variety of design requirements.

The panel is well suited as a mass element in the construction of composite structures (mass-spring-mass), making a significant contribution to the acoustic insulation of the package. It is characterised by a good sound-absorbing and sound-insulation index without the need for additional surface processing.

It is suitable for any type of shaving, coating or application. MBA GREEN BUILDTM wall panels are suitable for shaving or the application of any type of covering or finishing. Thanks to its mechanical strength - a point load-bearing capacity of 80 kg without the use of wall plugs - any subsequent applications can be secured directly to the panel, without the need for additional supporting structures.

Safety in every single component