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Wooden buildings, with their warm, healthy and natural atmospheres, are synonymous with psycho-physical well-being and environmental sustainability. In fact, wood, unlike cement, is a natural, renewable material that grows spontaneously and is recyclable, which means that it can be reused.
The insulating capacity of wood is twice that of cement having a higher surface temperature than traditional construction materials, the excess energy is released into the environment, contributing to the increase in the surrounding temperature, resulting in a reduction in the reliance on other heat sources.
Their elasticity and lightness render the wooden structures anti-seismic and ideal for raised floors.
Contrary to the preconception, the wood does not burn but carbonises externally, slowing the spread of the flames, protecting the inside and preventing collapse, in contrast to iron or steel structures.

Certified wood from managed forests

The MBA wooden structures are earthquake-proof and fire-retardant

Natural material

Suitable for raised structures

About Us
For its buildings

MBA produces and uses laminated wood

The laminated beams are formed from spruce boards that are dried by means of a controlled process, which eliminates any defects that could compromise their stability, such as knots, resin, etc., thus rendering them hi-tech products.
The drying process is a very important phase for the quality of the construction wood: excessive drying causes the wood to shrink and twist, whereas too much moisture creates cracks and compromises its sealing qualities.
The spruce boards are dried until the moisture content is 12%, and then they are glued and planed; this enhances the characteristics of the laminated beams by eliminating the defects present in solid wood, meaning that there is no twisting and the number of cracks is reduced to a minimum.

Safety in every single component